Use the free TDA studio software to sort and manage your images,
create your best possible page designs and then simply click a button
to have all images automatically uploaded to the lab of your choice
via the built-in FTP program within the TDA software.

Your images a professionally printed and the album is handcrafted
and assembled by the dedicated and professional team at Albums
Australia. The completed album is then delivered to your door with
no additional work required from you before you hand it over
to your client.

Time Effective

The aim of this service is to get photographers back behind the camera
where they love to be and to give them more time to market, promote
and work on their business rather than in it. The proven key ingredients
for a healthy and successful business.


You can choose to have the lab colour correct your images or you
can colour correct them yourself and save. Choose to design albums
using the Full Page Plan of the album page or save again by restricting
your design to a smaller Economy output print size. Have all or only
part of your album printed and assembled. Upload your image files
to your chosen lab via the inbuilt FTP program in TDA or burn the images
to a disc and send to Albums Australia.

Remain In Control

This unique service allows you (and your wedding couples) to retain
complete control as to how your entire album will look, how your
pages are designed, which and how images are used. It will ultimately
show you exactly how your finished album design will present to your
customers including cover material and enhancements).

Professional Photographic Labs

We are pleased to work in conjuction with the following professional labs:

Atkins Technicolour
Email: info@atkins.com.au
Colour Management Page

Bond Imaging
Email: info@bondimaging.com.au
Colour Management Page

The Edge Photo Imaging
Email: info@theedgephoto.com.au
Colour Management Page

Nulab Professional Imaging
Tel: +61 3 9588 2777
Colour Management Page

Streets Imaging
Email: service@streetsimaging.com.au
Colour Management Page

Fitzgerald Photo Imaging
Email: photos@iinet.net.au

To Register

To register open TDA navigate to Studio Defaults > Print and Assembly Service then
click on the Register For P & A button and follow the instructions.