Photographic Albums

Our albums present traditional photographic prints (produced by professional colour labs using Kodak light sensitive printing papers). Kodak prints have been around for over 80 years and have proven their longevity. Each image is individually corrected to accurately produce colours and print brightness’s so that they match consistently throughout an album.

Library bound albums are the best products when creating family heirloom records that you would like to last for generations. Our albums are made by using skilled craftsmen working with the highest quality materials.

Press-printed Books

Pressprinted books are “off-set” printed using dyes onto thin sheets of paper (like newspapers and magazines). A relative new technology which claims to last 200 years but as such has not been time proven. The thin pages are easier to damage and the printing technology makes it more difficult to individually adjust colour and brightness which may vary between images. However pressbooks represent a less-expensive presentation for when you have many more images to show.